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I finally got it!

I got a 480 liter Marine tank >.< major change from a 190 liter freshwater.

But of course it all started with a bit of drama XP
2 weeks ago on Saturday I had them install it, since Jesus H Christ I was not touching
it with a barge pole lest I fuck it up royally, my dad and I helped carry stuff and I generally
bugged the poor guy probably to within an inch of his life with questions!

So I had one part of the tank have deeper sand for when I eventually get 'Garden eels'
in and the dead coral was all set up and looking pretty^^ I was like a sugar high kid
just waiting to be unleashed on the store when the tank matured after about 2 weeks
or so to wait. Went to my God daughter Christening on Sunday and came back to show
my parents (mom and step-dad) the tank who had not seen it... and it was FUCKING LEAKING!!!

Yes, leaking from the bottom, I had opened the doors and we heard a 'crack', then shit met
fan. I panicked, my step dad remains calm and in an upright position while I imagine I was
flailing or something XP After trying numerous things we then put a basin under the leak, rang
my dad who got hold of the store manager who all came over to the house to suck out the rest
of the water withe a pump... only a fifth of the water of the 480 fucking liters was left to pump/
Turned out that the bottom of the tank had cracked under the pressure of the water. It was about
a 2ft long arched crack which met a second arching crack.

They took everything with them and then came back the next day with a brand new one and set it
all up and Christ I was jumping at every sound it made! So I calmed down over time, got used to the
noises and getting used to the bits and pieces such as the protein skimmer.

I went to pick up the 'cleaning crew' thinking they only involved snails...
but oh no! I was told the magic words... 'Yeah you can get fish'

Holy shit... so I got 6 Snails, 7 Hermit Crabs, a Fire Shrimp, 2 Common Clown fish (Nemo and Marlin),
Bluetang (Dory) and a Sailfin Tang. They shaved a good bit off the price and didn't charge for
things in a good will gesture of tank carnage XP But I don't blame them, they are so nice and helpful
and I have been going to their amazing store for years to ogle all of the fish and want them all T_T

I'll post up some pics : )
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First off Happy New Year guys... belated yes but better late then never XP

It was my friends birthday last week... you know who you are MER!:iconmaxwell-kiddo: I shall get you something awesome <3

As for the cuteness... my sister was given rabbits lasts year for her little boys... for Easter XP At first she was all o.0 What do I do with these creatures! So now I am the on call 'Dr Doolittle' She's gotten the hang of the cute little critters, Lionhead rabbits. But now, the two who were thought to both be females have a litter of five kittens. Yes, baby bunnies are called kittens (shrugs) they are only 5 days old and only starting to grow fur. One is still pink so is probably going to be mostly if not all white. The male was seperated and is going to get snipped since she can't part with him^^ She's keeping 2 of the babies, her aunt is taking 2 and she's trying to find someone she knows to give the 5th one to. I was asked but sadley I can't :/ my dog would be none too impressed.

Has anyone seen The Woman in Black yet? I went with :iconkitten-chan: 2 weeks ago and do not let the fact that Danial Radcliff is the star fool you... this aint Hogwarts! Scared the bejesus out of us, but I was able to concentrate on the fact that the guys behind us would not STFU! It was funny seeing
various people squeel and jump in their seats. We were watching through our fingers, I was covering my ears. Poor Julie was worse off then I was XP I feel brave now... sorry XP ehehe

But then, my cousins arrive yesterday and ask my brother and I if we have seen it. My brother is a chicken shit and it is hillarious. Whenever one of my cousins started explaining what happened in it (since he knows Al is not going to see it at all) My brother would cover his ears and sing his happy song 'This little heart of mine' to cover the horror being describbed. Dear lord the entertainment... he hates things involving clowns, little girls,
ghosts and dolls. Then he picks up the paper and the main title is of this poor little boy who died in a 'Ghost Estate' to which he says 'Fuck that I'm outta here' and pegs it up staires. He is over 6 foot tall and a fitness and football nut which makes it more hilarious. He won't watch Paranormal Activity, a movie I too had sworn off... but watched at Hallowe'en gripping my cousins arm and freaking out. I have more balls than my brother! Take that!
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I hate that song... yet whenever I see something Christmasy, that song pops into my head.



So far... the whole weekend I've been running around cleaning a house (mine of course XP)
which wages war on any germ or dissarry that may occur. My sister who is 24, turns toddler
when it comes to Christmas morning. If it were up to her we'd all be up at 3am like we used to
do when having Christmas at my dads XP

Now tho... I want to maim anyone who approaches before 10! Alas, 8am is the 'rule' implied
by the parents now. Then when all the flurry of wrapping paper is over... its back to chores.
So much cleaning T_T

Even so, Christmas is a big deal here, not in a religious way. Yes, we are evil XP
I'm waiting for the rest of the family to show up
for the flurry of Christmas madness to decend minus the mass cleaning up^^
I got an internal filter for my tank... so friggin awesome. And... Drumroll please

HARRY FREAKIN POTTER MOVIE BOXSET!!! Claire... Julie (anyone else) I'm looking at youuuu!
I've watched the 3rd movie on Sky anytime at least 10 times now.

We got my dog a santy duck XP and the christmas stocking full of treats. She's always so
excidedly confused at Christmas.

I was hoping for a White Christmas but hey, can't have one every year -_-

Will probably update this later!

Ciao for now


I'm sure like many, I've eaten more then I thought physically possible.

For Stephens's Day we went to nans. My brother and I got her an awesome gingerbread house
and my grandad a tin of biscuits... thats also a music box!

My nan says to me 'There's a box of Butlers on the table for you since I know you like them'.
I'm all " T_T Nan you shouldn't have! <3" Not 30 seconds after I sit down after hugging her
my uncle Stephen walks in with her usual lotto winnings etc and says "You won another box a' Butlers"
and everyone including nan are like 0.o
.... Then we burst out laughing with nan trying to reassure us she bought my box
of chocolates XP

She will never live this down. ehehe.

But... Its never Christmas until someone kicks off a ridiculous argument. -_-

My sister was asked to help me make the tea after I'd left the room. Simple request yes?
Then it escalated to her telling my friggin mom to piss off. I'm flailing in the kitchen for her to
SOMETHING???'. I'm off to the side whispering 'just leave it and carry in some mugs after or something' after
I'm shouldered aside so she can grab the kettle and almost burn me and she pours water in 5 cups
angerilly XP YES... anger pouring has been achieved.

My brother got my little cousin pissed on a drinking game that it so ridiculously stupid in a clever way
that after you figure it out has you saying "You bollix!" as was said XP My cousin is 18 but I'll never see him
as anything more then 9 >.<
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Busy weekend was busy!

Went to Eirtakon the weekend and was so busy T_T my poor legs, I could hardly move them on Monday. Saw some brilliant cosplays. I went as Poison Ivy and was dragged (unreluctantly) to a group photo and the masquerade by Harley Quinn who rocked XP There was Madhatter and Batman! Love you guys <3

Also... I had the most amazing cupcake from the maid-cafe 0.o Thanks Emma for getting it for me since I couldn't move <3

I went and bought some stuff, one was an adorable figure from lord knows what series! But it was so adorable and instead of having a pole jabbed in its back to keep it upright it was a metal pole and the figure had a magnet in its head! It sone of those small 'guess whats in the box' figures. I love him! don't know his name but I shall find out ... might ask the great detective Batman for help! Reborn artbook for the win <3333

After that... Monday, I had Taiko practice with the group that performed at Eirtakon. I wish I had gotton to see them but Youtube will have to suffice. I thought I was going to die since I was knackered but no! Taiko is magic XP After the stretches I was infinatly better and more flexable. Didn't fall on my ass this round either which is a double yay! I'm getting the hang of it and I have to say, it is such a fun way to work out.

Hope you fellow Eirtakon goers had a good time^^
See you at the next Convention!
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Wow, Batman live rocked my socks >.<

I nearly shat myself every 3 seconds but it was worth it! my poor uncle the Batman fanatic
since he was kneehigh to a grasshopper couldnt go. Oh wells, I'll just rub it in his face XO
Nah I'm not that cruel! I did however buy a Robin mug. Tim Drake is on it instead of Dick...
who was in the show, but all the better XP Tim is my favorite little birdie <3

I've just started an evening Flash course in Ballier, feels wierd to be back in the College again.
I can see its potential... as in, I think I have the potential to do it >_> First demonstration was
to animate Bloo 'walking' across the screen. It looked simple enough but man, I may be
photoshop all over again where I had wanted to throw my computer out the window... until
I got used to using layers! Alas, I can't practice since I don't have flash... must sort that out
somehow T_T

I've taken on the trial of keeping Discus fish again, one of my favorite fish in the world happen
to be one of the most finicky bastards alive to keep them alive! 2-3 water changes a week T_T
So far so good. They are oh so pretty, I've got 7 of them, 2 medium and 5 small, 3 of the small
ones are pigeon blood. They are going to get huge, but that wont happen for a long while so I
can deal with what I'm going to do if I can keep them happy and well fed.

Emma I am dying to show you these guys >.<

The only thing I worry about is the temperature changes. It can go from cold to 'ho shit its hawt'
in the space of an hour if the sun is out where I keep them... and no, I can't move the tank

Halloween is coming up and I can't wait o.0 My favorite holiday evar. Im going to try do a not shit
job on carving pumpkins... :iconrocketgal: showed me photos of ones she carved and holy hell they
were amazing.

So what are you guys going to do for Hallowe'en?
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Woo! I did it >.<

I finally had my corrective surgury on my face... 3 broken bones and a deviated septum.

Went in on Wednesday like a person walking toward a noose (I hate/ am terrified of hospitals)
I was looking at every fire exit as I went. I fought the injected anasthetic with all my power
and then woke up with tubes down my throat and not a damn thing I could do to move it XP

I was aware and could hear things for ages and then doctors and nurses are all around me
asking me questions to see if I was aware and me trying to show some sign of 'I'm here!'.
Eventually I made pathetically small nods and Christ it was hard to open my eyes.
The most painful thing I felt was the tubes coming out because my nose which had to be rebroken
just had a dull ache to it.

I was so confused! Thinking 'Why is there no pain? They broke my nose again sooo...'
Not that I was actually complaining because I was expecting to be in bits, nose raw, bruises
everywhere on my face and puffed up like a puffer fish. But no... I just have a nose splint held
on with plasters. I had a rolled up bandage under my nose to stuff XP thats all
I'm gonna say because ew!

Its gone now so I just have the splint on for a week and there is no chance in hell I am stepping
outside until its gone.

The only side effects are from the Anasthetic. Still making me tired, breathless and small headaches.
But I can deal... because I am super hardcore (ignore all the shit above XP)
It made me so dopey, well, more so then usual :D I brought my laptop, games, Red Robin comics
in case I got bored... but all I had the attention span for was starring at things in my room.
Concentration be damned.

So yes, all that fretting for nothing. I am a giant Chicken Shit and proud of it!

Thank you so much to everyone checking up on me and sending me such kind messages
And thanks Julie for that awesome pic XP

Its all upwards from here.
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Last night was eventful -_-

We had a break in, the door was being held closed by a friggin kitchen stool
after they bloody wrecked it.
The police were here for an hour and sirens of course blaring but the assholes
had already scarpered in a getaway car when my brother, mom and step dad
heard them straight away.

So my poor moms on edge, as you would be and my brother is gone to a very important
exam and where was I?

I was dead asleep -_- one of the side effects of my meds is that while they are supposed to
make me drowsey enough to sleep and I wear ear plugs more as a comfort habit from my more less
then controllable Epo year last year ... it appears that a house alarm isnt enough to wake me.

Thats got my poor mom even more shaken up. Kept saying things like 'If there'd been a fire...'.
It hasn't quite hit me yet I think, since I'm still drowsey but we'll see how I do in the next few hours.

I'm more pissed off right now after seeing my mom on the phone, trying to keep
composed. She's one of the strongest people I know and I hate seeing her like this.

I hope those bastards get whats fucking coming to them.

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Today was an interesting if not for some parts sucky :/

I went to town to meet Julie to get things done in preperation for Nom-Con.
Meeting point at Reids for stationary things and after browsing around as one does,
only to discover that Julies purse has been stolen.

Fucking sucked! To the asshat reading this (pft, if he happened to be a DA'er and I
think I know which guy in the store it was -_-) burn in hell you thieving git!

The staff were on the ball and one guy went up to view the cctv and details were taken.
We checked around the store and asked in the shops along the way from Reids
but nothing was found.

To cheer ourselves up, well, mainly Julie since it was her purse stolen, we wondered
around town, to Georges street arcade, since I had to get stuff but went to Retro... awesome store
where I found an awesome dress for 20 quid from 80 XP

Julie found the perfect dress for herself XP Like it was built for her.
You'll see it at Nommers : D

After a little bit we went our seperate ways. I got on my bus and I wish that was the end
of my story.

Some asshole skanger was trying to scam some poor French student out of 50 quid.
He told him it was an offence to put your feet on the seat, asked for his ID and told him
it was a fine of 50 quid.
The poor thing looked so scared and trying his best English to talk things out.
The Skanger was wearing a grey tracksuit and using his best skanger accent,
which to most is kind of obvious a guy like that isnt going around giving out fines XP

I stood up announcing I was going to tell the driver about the 'fine' and the guy says
'I'm only takin the piss, and while your down there why dont you get off the next stop
and jump in the Liffey'

I should have just told the driver but no XP I said 'did'nt look like a joke to me,
more like a scam actually'. He takes the few steps down to where I am and his face is
only centimetres from mine in some kind of 'staredown' and kept saying 'does this not
look like a joke to you' I just stared right back... like one does a retarded T-rex
and said 'fraid not buddy, your scamming the kid your just scaring him for no reason'.
We 'exchanged' a few more words but I was not backing down >.<

And yay, some of the other passengers FINALLY step in to help.

Captain Skanger sits down mouthing threats about people minding their own business and
gets off at the next stop. I went over to the traumatized student to explain what to do in
situations like that ie not give your id etc or monies until the other person has shown an ID
on them ANDis wearing a uniform. But he was crying and explained the guy still had his ID and
now he couldn't get home to his friends. I was up like a shot an before I could set foot on the
stairs the skanger falls up them saying he didnt realise he had it. Hestops half way downand starts
threatening again and I an hear more people behind me telling him to get the f*ck off the bus.

I do not know how I kept calm.

Todays lesson... watch out for asshole pickpockets and tell the damn bus driver about a scammer
and not take him on by your lonesome... I didnt even think about if he had a weapon on him.
People have been killed for less -_-

Yes... I am that smart. But I don't regret doing it.
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Sometimes life kinda sucks :/
You don't really think of mortality or illness until it strikes you or a loved one...
unless your an attention seeking emo git throwing emo fits or using emotional
manipulation to get their fix -_-

Just found out my aunt is dying after she was admitted to hospital and they
found gangrine in her stomach. She's 84 and was always a dainty tiny lady
who just did her thing. But still, in an ideal world we'd all pass peacefully.

On top of that, found out yesterday my grandad has alzheimers. He's still the
loving caring awesome grandad I love but its sad to see him forgetting things.
He's happy and still has his family come see him and my nan almost every day,
still at their home thankfully. He still remembers us since he's only in the early
stages of it.

Sorry for the downer journal, just needed to vent.

On the up side I'm finished FAS after 6 mind wrecking months.
Gonna miss the people who attended class with me, they are all so awesome <3
No doubt our paths will cross again^^
Karaoki is still to be had with us.

I got surgury coming up soon to fix what the hospital broke in the first place XP
Remember that lovely adventure last year of my falling of the trolly. They told
me through mail 'ugh by the way we just looked over your x-rays and you got
3 broken bones in your face'. Thank you hospital, ever so helpful. I'm trying not
to think about it so, apart from writing this journal, I havn't been.

Thanks to my awesome friends and family for being so awesome,
Claire, Julie and Emma in particular for their help over all this, 2010 in particular <3
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Hey guys,

I'm back. I can't remember the last time I used the interweb
in all its fabulour glory. You never truely realize how lost
you are without it XP

No msn, DA,email... you get the jist :3 I missed you guys!
Hey Chu! Fiona! I'm not dead! woo!

My internet has always been crap from the start
But that last time.... it was working so flawlessly
I wasnt going to question the internet gods.
And then as a friend was telling me about her laptop
giving her guff and my thinking 'Crap that sucks'
mine gies and DIES on me!

XP So she rings me to try help get it started again,
pressing buttons and whatever. So now I have a giant
ass paper weight.

So, while I was away from Internet land I started my FAS course.
Everyday in class... I want to rip out my eyes.
Good god what repetative course. The only good thing thankfully,
is that my class are a good bunch but are dropping out like flies!

When I signed up I thought it was going to be completly different,
certain things done on computers and the rest hand drawn to be scanned colored etc. I was expecting them to teach us how to lay out adverts,
what fonts to go with a certain subject etc.

On the plus side tho, I'm teaching kids how to draw manga.
Something I never thought I could do and I love it.

I've also changed drugs from the ones that are keeping seizures at bay... since my side effects are appitite suppressants AND it
pretty much eats up my weight XP (visualizing that is pretty creepy)

As soon as I get a new Lappy I'll be Happy! XP It's wierd typing on the family computer. I'm always in my room,downstaires is for tea!

journal skin is with thanks to YugiKitten
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Well the good news is that my brother is sooooo much better. At first
we thought it was the usual bought of my bro getting sick.
But it turns out he has the yellow Jaundice form of Hepatitis. There's
4 kinds of Hepatitis, this is not the 'serious' kind. It effects the liver
which is why he looked like a friggin Simpsons character. One minute I went
out his face was red and then I went in to check on him and he was YELLOW!
His eye balls and all!

His blood results revealed that, and that it was in his system a few weeks
so he's not contagious XP A certain friend of mine who told me it was sorta
freaked me out and I was all o.0 SO I called my mom and asked her so she filled
me in. My brother is not a walking biological warhead ready to accidentally take
us all out XP

In other news... I'm a mom! To about 30-40 little baby Faery Cichlids!
The parents are keeping all the other fish to the other side of the tank and the itty bitty babies are so tiny I thought they were just rolling specs of grain at first but then my brain said 'THOSE ONES HAVE EYES!!!'
So I'm hoping a good few survive not getting eaten XP
But the parents are doing an awesome job of kicking every things ass in there, they
even threaten me when I get close to the tank XP

So... This morning I was watching House as one with incredible taste
does and eating my breakfast of Ambrosia Cream Rice. Sox my dog was
pawing at the door in her
'Please let me in for I am an incredibly cute little puppeh'.

And then WHAM. I turn to look out the the back door (which is all glass slidey doors)
to see sox all bouncy at this bird in a "WTF is it!" way. Soooo I went out to investigate and make sure she didn't accidentally trample it. She wouldn't hurt it... as she is a giant chicken in Border Collie fur XP

SO I pick up the bird with its wings against it to see its a frikkin hawk!
Beautiful bird. I brought it inside and got my camera from my room to take
a 30 second video of it before letting it go (and hoping it would go with no
problems which it did... whew) I then wondered why it flew into the window
and discovered a dead finch just short of where it landed when it crashed
into the door.
So my theory...It caught the bird mid flight and couldn't stop.

Today I was babysitting, my little bro. 20 years old and no XP
Its not like typical babysit a kid thing. He gets sick regularly
for some reason. Its odd because he is a giant sports nut and joins
sports clubs even for a laugh. In school he even joined the cricket
team because he didn't understand wtf it was all about.

He plays football and is in college studying something to do with
sports and fitness. He eats like a hibernating bear! Yet he still
gets symptoms of tonsillitis from time to time even though he's had them removed.
I stayed at home to keep his temperature down as mom was sorting out stuff for my nan.
We thought it was Alan's usual being sick. Not 'man flu' type. Then he started having trouble breathing and mom brought him to the doctor. There was a giant que but he was let straight in. Apparently if you have breathing problems they let you straight in!
So the Doc tells them he's 90% sure its Hepatitis but he needs a blood test to see
which type so they can treat it.
Mom rang casualty in several hospitals but they all said the same thing...
waiting is between 7-10 hours -_- So he's better off at home and waiting to go to
VHS anyway since it opens at 8 :/
Its all something to do with his liver being bigger then usual so its pushing against
other organs making it more difficult for him to breath etc. So the sooner he gets
seen to the better!

Also... I hate my phone -_-

Christmas is coming and DA'ers all over the world are joining in to give each notice.
All you have to do, is do the same.

The first 10 to comment on this journal who have not been featured already
in a journal will be featured :3

Or if you have already been featured in a journal you can nominate someone
you feel has been overlooked.

I have kindly been featured in :iconcharco:s page along with some other
incredibly talented artists. So if you have time, go to his journal and
check out the other artists he has featured, you may be surprised at what
you may have missed over your time here on DeviantArt :3

one more spot left ladies n gents! Who wants it or who do you want to have it
that hasn't been featured yet?


1 :iconsweet-penguin-mochii:
Conor Plushie by SwEeT-PeNgUiN-MoChIi

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:thumb163270491: :thumb158579898: :thumb164918875:

5 :iconlittlesmallred:
:thumb183116495: only exception by LittleSmallRed sitting around with you by LittleSmallRed

6 :iconfloressence:
what goes around comes around by floressence darker than sunshine by floressence ma flowers by floressence

7 :iconithiliendude:
Sunset by Ithiliendude Odie's Aeroplane by Ithiliendude Rocky Climb by Ithiliendude

8 :iconoxorikkuoxo:
Geisha. by oxoRIKKUoxo Clay Plonk. by oxoRIKKUoxo Dork. by oxoRIKKUoxo

9 :iconthrasirshall:
:thumb60699009: Happy Valentines to my friends by Thrasirshall :thumb90126028:



On a separate note check out Nom-cons art competition here on DA for a
chance to win a 1 year subscription.

Competition ends 21st December
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Holy Graham Crackers Batman!

Check out all this snow! This is the snow I dreamed of as a kid!
All I'm missing is a hill and a dangerously sloping hill XP possibly
with a tree to slide into! Ireland is even having Thunder and Lightening
Snow Storms! How amazing is that!

It's been like this for days now and supposedly will be till Wednesday.
For Ireland, this is very heavy and unusual. Its nice to look at from inside
while watching TV with a mug of tea or pelting snowballs at your little
shit of a brother who has really good aim at your head XP
But not so much fun if your traveling in it.

I got to see Elliot Minor with 2 friends and the paths
were so slippery! How I did'nt go arse over biscuit I do
not know! but I got their Autographs thanks to Julie XP
Thanks soooo much Emma <3

My mom leaves with my Aunt for Dubai tomorrow so I'm hoping the airport wont
close or that their flight isnt delayed or that the roads are so hazardous
that the Gardie don't turn them away! That's happened on the Navan road :/

To everyone effected by the snow, not just in Ireland, take care and stay safe! <3

As of yet, I havnt built a snowman... I must fix this.

Check out :iconnom-con:, we're having a Christmas Competition :3
First prize gets a 1 year premium membership among a whole lot
of other things!
You don't need to be Irish to enter this competition! We can post your
prizes out to you.
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Yesterday was a lovely day, for the most part.

I got to meet one of Julie and one of Julies friends from the Seal Sanctuary, Irene.
We sat, had tea, I'm pretty sure I came across as a crazy person XP
We walked about in town and then went our separate ways.

I met up with Claire to go the cinema but we stopped for a
bite to eat for Claire and then went to see Social Networking I think its called.
If you ever get the chance, you should go see it, its about the inventers
of facebook. Its awesome, I'm not going to say a thing about it other then the whole
time I couldn't stop grinning.

Unfortunatly it finished late so I had to get the last bus...

This guy approaches me asking if the bus stopped at a place and since
the bus routes have changed I told him I wasn't sure and where it stopped
since I've taken the new routes etc just trying to be helpful.
He wasn't intimidating, he was quite polite actually. So he starts asking
questions, like, if I live in Dublin, etc, question after question so I got kinda
unnerved since the questions just kept coming.
I let him go on first so I pick a seat after him. But he puts his bag down
to 'look through it'. I walked past him and as I'm half way up the stairs he says to me happily "It does go there!" I just turned and said "That's great"

And then follows me up T_T
I put my backpack beside me and took out my DS to play,as in 'I'm busy, go away'

But he comes up and says 'do you mind?'. And Yes I know, I should have said no.
But I don't do well under pressure, I'm working on it XP So it has officially
gone from simple making conversation to plain ol' hitting on a girl you just met.
That's one thing I cant and don't do, meet strangers, take numbers and contact them.
Nah Ah, not doin it.

So then he goes on to ask about the DS and waffling that he doesnt know much  
about them only that 'kids these days play them' I reply 'Yeah, I play it
because its fun' and try to turn back and play but he stop asking questions.
He asks me about my occupation, if I finished college, what I studied.
Thing is, I cant lie in situations like that,inside I was shitting myself, outside
I'm answering and asking questions to pass the time and willing the bus to hurry
the fuck up.

Then the guy starts telling me how he felt a connection at the bus stop as soon as
our eyes connected, how beautiful and polite I was when I was talking to him.
I was just answering his damn questions! He kept waffling bout my eyes and shuffling
closer to me to I'm as close to the bus window as possible trying not to panic.
He then asks if I want to have coffee with him or go to the cinema. He told me how
he believed in his heart how there was a person for every person,and how in his heart he believed we had had a connection and with every statementhe was making his eyes we're moving and his 'smiling' were nothing short of nerve wracking
and creepy.

Then he shows me his ID and contracts he's signed and then writes out his email
and mobile number and then his parting gift? A McDonnalds voucher for a BigMac meal
for only €3.80! My luck couldnt get any better XP Before he got off the bus he said
"If you tear up or throw away or rip up that paper your tearing up my heart"

I just looked at him like o.0 and said "I just met you at the bus stop" then he tried
to laugh it off and said it was a joke.

Lesson 1: Learn to say 'No or I have a boyfriend or girlfriend'
Lesson 2: Carry headphones at all times!

XP exciting stuff! So, whats the strangest/ creepiest encounter you've ever had
and how did you get out of it?
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Sadly no... its not a Halloween thing XP

I'm drinking 'milkshakes' from the chemist for weight gain, since I'm
stuck on a particular weight and always cold T_T I like the warmth
and I'm sick and tired of people commenting on my weight, not out of malice
or anything (not this round anyway XP) but its still a pain in the ass, not to mention 'thanks for the confidence boost!' -_-

They are high in various amounts of nutritious things (not to mention iron XP)
and come in various flavors.
Sooooo the first I tried one out the other day, raspberry. Yeah.... it was like
someone filled a container of blood and tried to cover the flavor with raspberry
flavoring. I gave my bro a sip and the face he made XP

Then the next day I try the strawberry. Oh dear god. why.

Today, my genius self said 'right! f*ck this icky blood flavored stuff! get me
the hot chocolate powder!' and got the plain flavor, scooped a couple of spoons in,
shook the stuff a zillion times since stirring doesn't work and voila! no more urge to
go throw up (or the milk shakes in the face of the people who sold them to me)

Aside from the WTF the people who invented this drink were thinking
(vamps from Twilight?), they are friggin expensive, 7 quid a bottle or something
like that. But my brother told about some powder body builders use to gain weight...
so I think I'll ask my doc about that since its cheaper.
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So as you can see I got internet back! I'm typing this while watching
Jurassic Park^^ Ah Life is good good again. I'm addicted to Farmville again XP

So whats been happening in these past few days?

Well, been hung out with Julie n her American mates and learned some things
about my own culture XP I'm a bad Irish citizen I know.

I went to see Elliot Minor with them and Emma and her little sis.
My lord did they rock. We met these lovely people while queuing...
I was chowing down on Super Mac's Chicken Nuggets. Wow how they suck.
We started having a converation on the colors of Gay power Rangers and thus
new friendships were born!

Hollar to :iconkitten-chan: :iconemma-lawlor: :iconseandra: :iconstarfishey: and Emma's little sister XP

If that weren't enough >.< Julie included me in her group to try win the holiday
to Canada via Coorslight. Must get all the details back from that now.

Alls I gotta say is Thanks so much hun <3
Thanks for voting for us <3

Future news... I'm gonna have face surgery soon. Remember back in February
I was brought to hospital with seizure fun etc and fell off the trolly?
Well... I still have 3 broken bones in my face, a broken and deviated
septum.... so thats all gotta be fixed.

This ruins my perfect record. I've never broken anything in my life or had
surgery before T_T I is shitting myself. Do not want. Someone gimmie a magic want
or something. One of you World of Warcraft gits outta have a spare something
to fix this! GIVE IT TO ME!!!!

Any how, keep an eye out for Nom-Con stuff. :3 Stuff be happening n changing...
Oh the excitement!
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Hey guys

We could really use your help.

Myself, :iconkitten-chan: and :iconsquit-head: are entered in a
Coors Light Competition to win a Holiday for a week in the Rockies >.<
We only have a week to gather these votes.

So please please PLEASE vote for us XP

:iconkitten-chan: is gonna continue her doujin of Memory Lane
if we win! She's gonna put allll the yummy details in her journal
later on so keep an eye out!

Here be the link…

But you have to be over 18 to vote :3

Thanks guys <3
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I'm heading to Scotland tomorrow to see family :3
Which include hyperactive little cousins who are 5 and 3 XP
So I'm gonna be run ragged till Saturday!

Whats gonna be interesting is to see who is the 'favorite' between me and mom.
Jack the 5 year old loves moms fashion... say nothing... XP
'Aunty June your sandles are fabulous!'
And he gets me to draw things and play... so mom... its on!

Anywho... My tank is giving me guff. Its under seige! Black algae. So I scrubbed
it to bits with my dad the other day. And if thats not enough, the lights went out.
So I went on the hunt for starters but cant find the correct wattage. Apparently I
need 18wattage. Petstop... are about as helpful as flinging cats at a train.

So I hope dad can find some T_T

And finally... the piece the resistance... MSN sucks! Is it just me? or is anyone
else having problems with signing in? the past 3 days Ive had no MSN :/

Withdrawal! wah

see you guys soon! Scotland ho!
ach ay or something
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Hey All!

If your interested in winning a year subscription then check this out :3

Nom-Con is holding a mascot Art Competition at :iconnom-con:
There you will find rules and regulations too.
If you have any questions or queries just note me :3

1st prize is a year subscription
2nd prize is a 6 month subscription

Check out some of our submissions already up there!
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( I'm probaly going to update this as I remember more and more :3 )

This weekend, apart from awesome, must have had a visit from the 'crazy fairy'.
I went into town on Thursday first of all to meet up with :iconcharco: who was my
companion at Bro-con, he was selling his awesome art work, made quite a following :3
and as usual I was trading.

Came across a crazy lady immitating seagulls who were killing each other over bread
o.0 (the birds I mean XP)
Then crossing the road to get to the Nom-Con meeting, another crazy lady was walking
alongside a taxi on O'Connell Street, pretty much draped over it...

On the train over from Limerick Junction to Limerick, Ciaran made friendly
conversation with the crazy sexist racist garlic stinking priest who bopped me on the
head... frikkin ouch. I was scared for my life!

Anyway... The convention... it was Class! Only problem was, we arrived
way to early, bout 6 hours XP So we went on an adventure after.
Man that place is huge! I'm so surprised more people didnt go, but I'm betting
alot more people are gonna show up so its a good thing they have hotels so close.
First day we got a taxi... He turned a corner and there we were XP

Andy from Cartoon Passion and Greg and his friend from Replay who are the usual
Anime traders I'm sure you all know were there, really awesome guys :3
So we stopped by each others stalls every now
and then and did shop runs.

Saw some guys from Eirtakon and had a nice chat with Stephen and Mark :3 Nice

The Artists Alley peeps were lovely and so creative, I shall post their names
and DA sites up here when I get them because man those guys are talented!

I cant really say anything about the War Hammer type stuff since thats not my
deal XP but its was popular as hell XP So very yes... it did awesomely well.

There were alot of animes showing >.< Old stuff and new stuff which I thought was
such a  nice nostalgic touch! I saw Escaflowne and fangasmed XP Gravitation was there
too... Cant wait for whats gonna be there next year.

The charity auction held went down really well :3 I think they raised about
€1000 or so?

But yeah for all of their activities etc go check their website! If you have the
chance to go next year... take it with both wings and flyyyyyyyyy!!!

I packed 2 of my dresses so I wore those instead of cosplaying this round,
want in the mood for brain melting pink wig. Although I do miss wearing
my military and black goggles with pink lenses.

The next day, Saturday the 17th, I got an awesome rabbit thing from Andy,
its so random, soft and... a new word needs to be invented for it XP And a
litte near figure from Greg across the way, cutest little thing ever! T_T

I was chatting with Liz, Nom-Con homie who was volunteering at Bro-con,
when all of a sudden... the doors from one of the smaller rooms across
the way open, and a horde of the Brocon staff emerge singingHappy Birthday
carrying out a Birthday cake XP Which spread throughout the entire hall with
everyone singing! I'm sure my face dropped, I couldnt believe it!

I mean Christ, what a way to surprise someone, I was rendered
completly speechless and hiding my face in my hands as their photographer
was snapping away. I found out later Ciaran had told them earlier on because I was
wondering how the hell they knew XP
And man was that cake good! I cut it up into a zillion pieces to share it out
to as many people as possible. I cant wait to see the photos!
This is one Birthday I will never ever forget XP  

Andy from Cartoon Passion was staying at our hotel so we had dinner with him and
he insisted on paying for as 'its for your birthday!' Got offered his couch to
sleep on if we ever needed a place to stay in England :3 . Adventures ahoy!
I do love adventures.

And the last day. WTF. Some ass bandit at 6 am decides to start yelling 'MAY'
over and over at the top of his lungs for 20 minutes. I was wearing ear plugs
and I thought he was on the same floor as us. We we on the forth floor. We had
to check out when we left, when the nice reception lady asks how our stay was
I said everything was fine except the yelling guy. She started apologizing
profusely but I stopped her saying it wasn't her or the the hotels fault, these
things happen ... she tells us that he had left his key inside and he was calling
for his sister and had to be taken away by the guards. So I have super hearing it
seems XP

So yeah, as far as the weekend went, wasn't much for money making but I gotta say,
Bro-con had a brilliant first year. So Congrats Bro-con! you guys did good! Your
staff were excellent, you looked after us so well and I will definitely be going
back there next year if you will have me! <3

Thanks so much Bro-con for everything :3 You guys rock!
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Wow soooooo f*cking glad to be back!

It is so good to be back! So very very much.
I was stuck in a room for a week with electrodes glued to my head! They
were attached to a box which was harnessed to my chest, which had
a lead about 12ft long coming from it to allow me to use the bathroom!

I was on a lead!!! woof

So I was stuck in one room, despite it being a giant hospital. All I can
say is... Pokemon rocks. Bored beyond reason.

But, the reason I was there all the time was to be monitored. I had seizure
warning every night which was good but not enough. They wanted me to have
3 seizures to get all the information they needed. They gave me less meds,
made me stay awake all night and then made me have hyper ventilation sessions
during the day to try bring on seizures. Came close to one whic freaked the
shit out of me. But then finally on Thursday, I had a pretty bad seizure.
Big enough that I only needed 1! Thanks christ. They gave me a powerful sedative
during that which tastes funny... but kinda nice at the same time.
So Ive to take that whenever I have a bad seizure, which shouldnt really ever

To help keep me sane, my family came round every day and friends paid a visit.
Claire gave me an Eevee! I love that bundle of pixels a little too much XP

It took 2 hours to get the electrodes and glue out of my hair! It reminded
me of the time I was getting the hair extentions taken out of my hair and
just as painful XP
They had to dissolve the glue with acetone which stinks. Think nail polish remover.
Ive washed my hair so many times XP its still got bits of glue trapped in it!
Gotta say tho, the medical staff of Beaumont Hospital are brilliant! Unlike certain
medical peoples, they treat you with respect and not just another patient. Go team!
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